Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's about 1.13pm on 4th december

where's my partner ?

Where's my girlfrnd ?

Where's my frenchkiss partner ?

I've been searching for you for a two weeks. Even at home or everywhere.

Where are you ? :(

I miss you, seriously miss you.

Please come back home and I'll wait for you.

To be my shoulder and to hear my story.

I miss you so badly :(

P/S: klu kau pulang, aku snggup pulang ke rumah tgglkan perak. Aku nak spend masa dgn kau buat puding caremal dan kek bersama sama. Would you ? Aku try call kau, tapi tak dpt. Why ? kau lari daripada aku ke ? :(

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