Sunday, January 16, 2011

I miss those things that we had in matrics

I miss this, curenttly miss those memories. Seriously !

- I miss when u sendukkan nasi letak dlm pinggan time lunch.
- I miss when u text me ask me where am I during class time
- I miss to lepak-ing every night at anjung
- I miss when u ask me to dineer at cafe every night :(
- I miss when u treat me for lunch and dinner
- I miss when u give me suprise for my birthday present
- I miss the way we talk when we still be a bestfrnd
- I miss when you bahan me and ketok kepala. It's doesn't matter for me :(
- I miss to hear your joke everyday.
- I miss to stay with u in the library.
- I miss when you ask me for jumpa during gap lecture, sbb lecture hall kita bertentangan.
- I miss when your hear my problem face to face.
- I miss when the last time you go from the matric.
- I miss to wear same color of baju when we go for class.
- I miss to see u everyday
- I miss when u habiskan makanan i everytime kita makan, sbb i mesti mkn tak habis. It's everyday :(
- I miss you to pijak my kaki

A lot and too many of memories in matrics. I can't stay anymore. Now we're dffrnt. Rarely to see you, rarely to hug you, rarely to kiss you, rarely to hold your hand, rarely to hear your joke and make me laugh. I miss those things. Seriously :(

Kalaulah masa boleh berputar balik ? :(


  1. awwwww i pun rindu juga all this thing even satu matric.

  2. haha padgie, takpyah nak rndu sgt la kan, balik matrik boleh jmpa.

    haha, i stiap kali jmpa kena bahan. dh tak kisah dah :D

  3. i follow u.. :) hit me back! :)